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  Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the topic My Most Favorite Programme. You should write no less than 100 words and you
should base your composition on the outline (given in Chinese) below:
  My Most Favorite Programme
  The News Report has always been my favorite TV program. Almost everyday I turn on the TV at 6:30 p.m. and wait for the news program. This has become a part of my life.
  The News Report contains a large amount of information – from the international political situation to the latest foot-ball game. And the most important character is its fast pace. Because of this fast pace, news programs can contain much information in a short time.
  In my opinion, the News Report is more than a TV program. It is a way of communication. From this program, people can know and understand world affairs. The world thus becomes smaller and smaller. I especially appreciate this benefit of watching the news.
   姓名:吴华     职业:记者     工龄:11年
  出生日期:1965,7,6      出生地:中国吉林长春
  外语:英语 日语 德语        有何特长:会使用计算机
My name is Wuhua , and I was born in Changchun , in the northeast of china, in July 6th,1965.I have been working as a reporter for almost  eleven years. What's more, I mastered several foreign language when I was very young, such as Japanese, German and English. Besides, I can operate computer freely.
Soon after graduated from Journalism Department of Peking University in 1990, I worked as an reporter in Shenzhen Daily till December, 1996. Later, I studied in BBC for more than one year, and I have been the head of the news room since I came back, It will be lucky enough if I can work in your newspaper.
The 21st Century and I think I have the ability to do the job well.
Yours sincerely

My name is Wuhua, born on July 6th, 1965 inChangchun, Jilin Province, China. I am a journalist and have already had eleven years of working experience. I can speak Japanese and Germany besides English and of course I’m good at operating computer.
I graduated from Journalism Department of Beijing University in 1990 and then worked as a journalist in Shenzhen Daily till December, 1996. I studied in BBC from 1997 to 1998 and since I came back in January, 1999, I have been head of the news section.
I will be very lucky if I can work in your newspaper---- The 21st Century. And I think I have abilities to do the job well.

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