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GoldenGate directory structure?tips

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GoldenGate Tips by Burleson Consulting


April 6, 2014

The Goldengate Directory structure

After successfully installing Oracle GoldenGate 11g, you must create the sub-directories structure used by the different components of Oracle GoldenGate. The directories are the default locations when creating objects and parameter files.

Now, start GGSCI and run the below commands to create the directory structure.

GGSCI (edmr1s35) 1> create subdirs


Creating subdirectories under current directory /u01/app/ogg/10.2.0


Parameter files                /u01/app/ogg/10.2.0/dirprm: created

Report files                   /u01/app/ogg/10.2.0/dirrpt: created

Checkpoint files               /u01/app/ogg/10.2.0/dirchk: created

Process status files           /u01/app/ogg/10.2.0/dirpcs: created

SQL script files               /u01/app/ogg/10.2.0/dirsql: created

Database definitions files     /u01/app/ogg/10.2.0/dirdef: created

Extract data files             /u01/app/ogg/10.2.0/dirdat: created

Temporary files                /u01/app/ogg/10.2.0/dirtmp: created

Veridata files                 /u01/app/ogg/10.2.0/dirver: created

Veridata Lock files            /u01/app/ogg/10.2.0/dirver/lock: created

Veridata Out-Of-Sync files     /u01/app/ogg/10.2.0/dirver/oos: created

Veridata Out-Of-Sync XML files /u01/app/ogg/10.2.0/dirver/oosxml: created

Veridata Parameter files       /u01/app/ogg/10.2.0/dirver/params: created

Veridata Report files          /u01/app/ogg/10.2.0/dirver/report: created

Veridata Status files          /u01/app/ogg/10.2.0/dirver/status: created

Veridata Trace files           /u01/app/ogg/10.2.0/dirver/trace: created

Stdout files                   /u01/app/ogg/10.2.0/dirout: created


GGSCI (edmr1s35) 2>


In case the directory already exist, the create subdirs command do not attempt to create the directory, instead an informational messages already exist are returned. The directories structure used by Oracle GoldenGate core object are explain on the section Directory structure. Veridata directories are used by Oracle GoldenGate Veridata, which is covered in more detail on chapter 13.


The directory /dirdat is where trails are located by default. Automatic management of this directory is recommended to avoid disk space issues. The purge of trail files is best implemented using the instance manager process, ensuring files are fully consumed before deletion occurred. Refer to chapter 3 for more details.


Other directories are relatively static and managed manually. The directory /dirrpt is an important for troubleshooting your instance activities.

GoldenGate Directory structure


Successful installation of Oracle GoldenGate 12c creates the directory structure. Use the GGSCI SHOW command to display the instance directory structure.

The Goldengate dirprm directory

This directory is the default location for parameter files associated with group names. When an object created such as extract, data pump extract and replicat, a parameter file is looked at for the group name. Using non-default location is referenced by the parameter PARAMS <parameter file>.  Regardless of the parameter file location, the parameter file name and the group name must match.

The Goldengate dirrpt directory

This directory is the default location for reports and discarded records. Whenever a process ABENDED, a report file is created on this directory. The report file indicates the reasons for failure, and if the failure is database related, it also indicate the Oracle error code. Using non-default location is referenced by the parameter REPORT <report file>.

The Goldengate dirchk directory

This directory is for storing extract, data pump and replicat checkpoint files. Depending on the object type, a file is created using the group name with proper a relevant extension. For extract process, the checkpoint file name is <group name>.cpe. For replicat process, the checkpoint file name is <group name>.cpr.

The Goldengate dirpcs directory

This directory stores Oracle GoldenGate process identifier (PID). It’s the PID assigned by the operating system to running program, which is associated with an Oracle GoldenGate process. To obtain more details, use the operating system command ps –edf | grep <group name>. 

The Goldengate dirsql directory

This directory is default location to store SQL Script used by Oracle GoldenGate.

The Goldengate dirdef directory

This directory is used to store definition files. Definition files are required when the source and the target tables are not identical. Mostly used for heterogeneous environment when mapping tables across dissimilar platforms.

The Goldengate dirdat directory

This directory is used to start trail files. The trail files are identified by a two character prefix, followed by 6 digits. An extract or replicat processes trail files are designated by the parameter EXTTRAIL followed by the trial file location and name. For example, EXTTRAIL ./dirdat/sa.

The Goldengate dirtmp directory

This directory is the default location for Oracle GoldenGate temporary files due to capturing large transactions that goes beyond default cache size used by the extract process. The location and size is controlled by the CACHEMGR sub-parameters CACHESIZE, CACHEDIRECTORY and CACHEPAGEOUTSIZE. Also, it’s always recommended to dedicate a directory location to host the temporary files, avoiding contention with other type of files.


To confirm the current Oracle GoldenGate environment and subdirectories locations, use the GGSCI SHOW command.


GGSCI (ggs-source) 12> show


Parameter settings:





Current directory: /u01/app/oracle/ggs


Using subdirectories for all process files


Editor:  vi


Reports (.rpt)                 /u01/app/oracle/ggs/dirrpt

Parameters (.prm)              /u01/app/oracle/ggs/dirprm

Replicat Checkpoints (.cpr)    /u01/app/oracle/ggs/dirchk

Extract Checkpoints (.cpe)     /u01/app/oracle/ggs/dirchk

Process Status (.pcs)          /u01/app/oracle/ggs/dirpcs

SQL Scripts (.sql)             /u01/app/oracle/ggs/dirsql

Database Definitions (.def)    /u01/app/oracle/ggs/dirdef

Dump files (.dmp)              /u01/app/oracle/ggs/dirdmp

Masterkey wallet files (.wlt)  /u01/app/oracle/ggs/dirwlt

Credential store files (.crd)  /u01/app/oracle/ggs/dircrd


GGSCI (ggs-source) 13>

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