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I may not give Fifa Points

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"Papa I will not go to school these days, my friend Shuja had cautioned me yesterday if I may not give Fifa Points him one hundred rupees I would face adverse consequences". This was the sentence which rendered me speechless simply because my son, Muhammad Ibrahim, is in nursery class, a number of years old and of course his pal must be almost of the same era.

I, then surprisingly asked what the good reason was and why did his friend demanded money. My kid replied that once the friend offered him to adopt some sips of the drink during lunch break along with demanded that he should be presented a juice pack after in a week and when this son refused to do so having been asked to give his pal one hundred rupees.

At first My spouse and i smiled and called the idea an act of pinkish mail instead of black and told my son that he must ignore it; he told me that his friend got also warned him when he would report it to be able to anybody or would not sum then he would kill our son. Then I realized that it absolutely was a serious issue which could not possible be ignored and must be dealt with properly.

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