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微软又出新语言了 F# 和 SPEC#

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  F#   is   a   mixed   functional/imperative   programming   language   based   on   the   design   of   the   functional   language   Caml   and   the   .NET   language   C#."    
  F#   is   a   research   project   designed   to   exploit   the   potential   of   the   .NET   platform.   to   further   the   long-standing   goals   of   the   functional   programming   community.   The   aim   is   to   prove   that   it   is   feasible   and   useful   to   implement   ML-like   languages   for   use   on   the   .NET   Framework.     
  The   Spec#   programming   system   is   a   new   attempt   at   a   more   cost   effective   way   to   develop   and   maintain   high-quality   software.       The   system   consists   of:    
  The   Spec#   programming   language.   Spec#   is   an   extension   of   C#.   It   extends   the   type   system   to   include   non-null   types   and   checked   exceptions.   It   provides   method   contracts   in   the   form.   of   pre-   and   postconditions   as   well   as   object   invariants.    
  The   Spec#   compiler.   Integrated   into   the   Microsoft   Visual   Studio   development   environment,   the   compiler   statically   enforces   non-null   types,   emits   run-time   checks   for   method   contracts   and   invariants,   and   records   the   contracts   as   metadata   for   consumption   by   downstream   tools.    
  The   Spec#   static   program   verifier.   This   component   translates   Spec#   programs   into   logical   verification   conditions.   Internally   it   uses   an   automatic   theorem   prover   that   operates   on   the   verification   conditions   deduced   from   the   Spec#   contract.    
  An   interface   to   the   Spec   Explorer   tool   for   test   generation   and   model-based   testing.    

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