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Spring Framework 3.2.1 发布

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Spring Framework 是一个开源的Java/Java EE全功能栈(full-stack)的应用程序框架。3.2.1修正了大量BUG,建议升级。



Changes in version 3.2.1 (2013-01-24)

* SpEL support for static finals on interfaces (SPR-10125)
* AnnotationAwareOrderComparator is able to sort Class objects as well (SPR-10152)
* added dedicated sort method to AnnotationAwareOrderComparator (SPR-9625)
* BridgeMethodResolver properly handles bridge methods in interfaces (SPR-9330)
* LocalVariableTableParameterNameDiscoverer works for bridge methods as well (SPR-9429)
* added constructor with Charset argument to EncodedResource (SPR-10096)
* ResourcePropertyResource accepts EncodedResource for properties files with a specific encoding (SPR-10096)
* SystemEnvironmentPropertySource properly works with an active JVM SecurityManager (SPR-9970)
* CachedIntrospectionResults.clearClassLoader(null) removes cached classes for the system class loader (SPR-9189)
* DisposableBeanAdapter detects "shutdown" as a destroy method as well (for EHCache CacheManager setup; SPR-9713)
* introduced NoUniqueBeanDefinitionException as a dedicated subclass of NoSuchBeanDefinitionException (SPR-10194)
* DefaultListableBeanFactory's getBean(Class) checks primary marker in case of multiple matches (SPR-7854)
* fixed QualifierAnnotationAutowireCandidateResolver's detection of custom qualifier annotations (SPR-10107)
* fixed AbstractAutoProxyCreator to accept null bean names again (SPR-10108)
* AbstractAdvisingBeanPostProcessor caches per bean target class, working for null bean names as well (SPR-10144)
* MessageSourceResourceBundle overrides JDK 1.6 containsKey method, avoiding NPE in getKeys (SPR-10136)
* SpringValidationAdapter properly detects invalid value for JSR-303 field-level bean constraints (SPR-9332)
* SpringBeanAutowiringInterceptor eagerly releases BeanFactory if post-construction fails (SPR-10013)
* added "exposeAccessContext" flag JndiRmiClientInterceptor/ProxyFactoryBean (for WebLogic; SPR-9428)
* MBeanExporter does not log warnings for manually unregistered MBeans (SPR-9451)
* MBeanInfoAssembler impls expose actual method parameter names if possible (SPR-9985)
* AbstractCacheManager accepts no caches defined, allowing for EHCache default cache setup (SPR-7955)
* EhCacheManagerFactoryBean applies cacheManagerName ahead of creation (for EHCache 2.5 compatibility; SPR-9171)
* ThreadPoolExecutorFactoryBean exposes "createExecutor" method for custom ThreadPoolExecutor subclasses (SPR-9435)
* added "awaitTerminationSeconds" property to ThreadPoolTaskExecutor/ThreadPoolTaskScheduler (SPR-5387)
* aligned XML scheduled-task elements with @Scheduled in terms of kicking in after context refresh (SPR-9231)
* reintroduced "mode" and "proxy-target-class" attributes in spring-task-3.1/3.2.xsd (SPR-10177)
* spring-task-3.2.xsd allows for SpEL expressions in initial-delay attribute (SPR-10102)
* spring-jms-3.2.xsd allows for SpEL expressions in prefetch and receive-timeout attributes (SPR-9553)
* JmsTemplate uses configured receiveTimeout if shorter than remaining transaction timeout (SPR-10109)
* added MappingJackson2MessageConverter for JMS (SPR-10099)
* JDBC parameter binding uses JDBC 3.0 ParameterMetaData (if available) for type determination (SPR-10084)
* JpaTransactionManager etc finds default EntityManagerFactory in parent context as well (SPR-10160)
* MimeMessageHelper encodes attachment filename if not ASCII compliant (SPR-9258)
* FreeMarkerConfigurationFactory properly supports TemplateLoaders when recreating Configurations (SPR-9389)
* SpringContextResourceAdapter implements equals/hashCode according to the JCA 1.5 contract (SPR-9162)
* ContextLoader properly detects pre-refreshed WebApplicationContext (SPR-9996)
* added support for placeholders in @RequestMapping annotation value (SPR-9935)
* added support for specifying a message code as @ResponseStatus reason (SPR-6044)
* HttpEntityMethodProcessor supports HttpEntity/ResponseEntity subclasses as well (SPR-10207)
* Tiles 3 TilesConfigurer properly works in combination with "completeAutoload" (SPR-10195)
* Spring MVC Test framework supports HTTP OPTIONS method as well (SPR-10093)
* MockHttpServletRequest's getParameter(Values) returns null for null parameter name (SPR-10192)
* MockHttpServletResponse's getHeaderNames declares Collection instead of Set for Servlet 3.0 compatibility (SPR-9885)

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