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PHP Web页面安全生成器脚本

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This tutorial outlines the Captcha objective, how-to design and code your own security script, using PHP. Although considered by the masses to be a very complicated maneuver, protecting web pages, as well as internal elements of those pages, is actually quite simple. So, why are these Captcha and ReCaptcha solutions so complicated and difficult to use? The only honest response I can give you is: marketing.

No matter what anyone tells you, at the end of the digital day, these beautifully designed, engaging, stimulating and appealing folds of information are just that: pages. If these pages were printed pages, then Captcha would be a child-proof seal on each one. And for those forward thinkers out there, you guessed it: Captcha is actually a type of password. And passwords are a hackers biggest challenge. Captcha, ReCaptcha and now Image Captcha are like child-proof seals that even adults cannot open – without wanting to smash that plastic container to pieces – with seething teeth, watery eyes and narrowed brow, rip out the cotton and snatch that little purple pill, with a madman’s sort of satisfaction.

What Is CAPTCHA Actually?

First, let me break down the basics, for those who are novice programmers or frightened web site owners. Captcha is specifically a non-trademark of Carnegie Melon University, where a group of programmers elite scripted a method for reducing, or eliminating, unwanted injections to any web page. This was called Completely Automated Public Turing [to tell] Computers [and] Humans Apart. CAPTCHA. That is quite an interesting thing. How does an automated machine tell the difference between an automatic keyboard stroke and a human induced keyboard stroke? And here the fun begins. The keyboard. That poor, coffee-stained, crumb and eyelash laden attachment, that permits we humans to transform. our thoughts into digital fandango! What the algorithm did was create an automated password system or security portal, to capture potential hacks, and stop them in their tracks. Think: a RAID? commercial for data driven web-pages. As of late, we have seen Captcha go steroids. But, no matter the bloated and vigorous attempt at security, that solution comes back to one thing: the password.

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