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jBPM Designer 2.3发布

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We are happy to announce a new release of the jBPM Designer, the Web-based business process Editor for jBPM 5.
Here is an overview of new features and most notable bug fixes in this release:

New Features

Color Themes
Localization – support for Japanese
Custom Data-Input Editors
Form. Widgets for process and user task forms
Full-screen support
Visualization of Process Paths
Voice-driven Commands (experimental!)
Support for Guvnor 5.5
Tomcat-specific WAR artifact

Notable Bug Fixes

Support for Task-type-specific properties
Service Node icons show correctly in process PNG image
Alphabetical sorting of Stencil Set
Canvas zooming fixes
many more
You can download jBPM Designer version 2.3.0.Final from Sourceforge. If you are upgrading from an older Designer version, make sure to clear your browser cache before start using the new one.
You can clone jBPM Designer or just browser its source at GitHub.


For the next release we will strongly focus on
Simulation and Replay capabilities
Alternative asset storage options
Usability enhacements

jBPM Designer is open-source and of course free! If you would like to be part of Designer development and discussions or just want to ask questions feel free to talk to us on the User Form, the Mailing List, or IRC.
You can also follow the latest news about the jBPM Designer on it’s Blog.

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