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686K TPS with Spring Framework Web App and VoltDB

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We’ve recently put up a series of blog posts describing the components of a Spring-MVC web application, including VoltDB as the database, that saves votes being called in for talent show contestants.

Today I’ll talk about what happened when we benchmarked the Voter application on Amazon’s cloud platform.  The short story – running on a suitable EC2 configuration (see details below), we achieved 686,000 TPS for a Spring-enabled application using VoltDB.

The Benchmark Application

I’ll start by summarizing the aforementioned blog posts, but you are welcome to read them:

Using the Spring @Schedule Annotation, Using the Spring Converter API with VoltDB Data Objects  and Building A High Throughput Web App with Spring-MVC and VoltDB.

The Voter application validates and stores phoned-in votes for talent show contestants. There is a single web page that displays the results and it updates every 400ms. There is a Spring Scheduled task that stores votes as rapidly as possible. Finally, there is another task that reports the VoltDB driver throughput every five seconds.

The benchmark application can be downloaded here. It includes a detailed README that explains how to build and deploy the application.

The VoltDB server cluster is running the Voter example found in the /examples/voter directory. The Voter example database is shipped with all editions of VoltDB.

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