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A couple facts about three cool technologies


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node.js is a powerful way of writing backend code in JavaScript; why JavaScript? Because you have the kind of problem that benefits from asynchronous code (the average web app) and you like using the same  brain for backend and frontend work

mongoDB is an awesome NoSQL data store for objects. It is an especially great companion to JavaScript. since its internal storage are JSON-objects. JSON has plays particularly well with JavaScript. due to certain similarities (some even think the JSON language is a subset of JavaScript, although it’s not)

Heroku is the simplest way to deploy web apps. Originally designed for Ruby, it gained node.js support last spring/summer. There are alternatives, but heroku presents itself as a particularly good pick for various reasons (it feels right)

Combining these three technologies should be a walk in the park. The best thing since sliced bread and unicorn farts should rain down the heavens upon you for even thinking of using node.js, mongo and heroku in unison.

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