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Deploying a Django Application to dotCloud

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As I mentioned in a recent blog post, in the 11 months since I wrote my first post on dotCloud, I now work there. Besides me working there, there has been a lot of other changes at dotCloud, and I wanted to take the time to update my original post so that it was up to date and had all the recent information. I'm going to completely rewrite the old blog post here, with updated information, and leave the old one around for posterity.

dotCloud's goal is to provide a bunch of different independent services that you can use as building blocks to build your application. If you need a database, take your pick from one of the many they support. Need an application that uses Django or Rails on the front end, and Java in the backend, that is fine, you can do that too. They realize that most developers don't stick to one standard technology stack for all of their applications, so this allows you the flexibility to use the best tool for the job. It also gives you a nice playground to try out new services and see how they run without having to install, configure and maintain the service just for testing.

I'm going to go over the steps that it took to install my blog onto dotCloud, and hopefully answer some common questions along the way.


Before I get started with any new service the first thing I usually do is look at the documentation. DotCloud has a nice list of documents along with some tutorials on how to get started. These 4 documents were the ones that I used the most.


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