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NoSQL for Storage Relational for Reporting

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Given I think there is a shift afoot towards client-side MVC dealing in whole JSON documents up and down the wire, I’m wondering if there is also need for a technology to transparently create/maintain relational record sets for the pertinent document writes.

Relational records are desirable as they would support easy SQL-using reporting tools. Tools like Crystal or Jasper Reports.

I’m not so much interested in the enhancements to SQL that allow for JSON fragments in queries. Nor am I interested the custom search engine solutions like elasticsearch that allow for sophisticated querying of an index.

I’m looking for something that does secondary writes to a normal relational schema (whether defined or automatically generated), in such a way that Crystal or Jasper reports (or equivalent) could easily consume records for reporting.

The resulting schema (aside from the cost of the secondary writes), would be optimized for queries.


Martin Fowler, as ever, sets the foundation for what I’m wanting with a bliki entry ReportingDatabase.

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