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My Road to the Python Commit Bit

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Like many FOSS fans, I always wanted to be an active part of the movement. My last big project was for the Amiga in the past millennium though.

Nowadays I’m happy that after years of small-scale dabbling on various projects I’ve found my haven.

I’d like to share my way to my recent gain of push privileges on the Python project and hope to inspire some of you to do the same.

The Problem

It isn’t easy to start contributing to FOSS. Some projectsseem even not to be particularly interested in new contributors – because everyone wants to contribute for fame and glory.

Others could use help but aren’t eager to get new patches because of ample amounts of code rotting in the bug tracker.

But there are plenty of projects that want you to help.

And yes, even CPython — i.e. the most widespread Python implementation as of 2012, I’ll call it just “Python” henceforth — needs your help! That’s the reason it’s active in its outreach to new contributors.

Please note I said “contributors”, you don’t have to be a programmer – or do programmer’s work – to help.

Python core development has always been a welcoming place. But Jesse tried to push things even farther. And he succeeded at that – it’s easily one of the best places to hang out with people way smarter than you (or at least me) without being patronized.

But it’s hard to get started with new code and often even harder to get started with a new community. So what’s the most important personal attribute to get into a high profile open source project like Python, Django or Twisted?

Hint: it’s like with everything important in life you can’t buy.

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