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Beginner’s Vimrc File

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I have been in and out of using vim a fewtimes now. As I understand it, this is usually the case whentransitioning to using vim fulltime.

One rule I found especially useful whenlearning vim and the massive plug-in universe is to write your own vimrc file.This file contains all the settings for your vim editor.

This has two benefits:

1.              Youknow all the plug-ins you use.

2.              Youcan also fix things when they break.

A new user’s vimrc should be as minimal aspossible.

I tweeted the following screenshot lastnight


[size=11.5pt]In the past, I found this extremelyfrustrating and annoying to get this correctly setup vim how I liked it. I wasespecially patient last night and managed to get something that I didn’t thinkwas completely ugly. [size=11.5pt]You can find my vimrc file[size=11.5pt] [size=11.5pt]here.

[size=11.5pt]Here is a list of plugins I haveinstalled:
[size=11.5pt]1.       [size=11.5pt]Gundo
[size=11.5pt]2.       [size=11.5pt]vim-powerline
[size=11.5pt]3.       [size=11.5pt]fugitive
[size=11.5pt]4.       [size=11.5pt]pathogen
[size=11.5pt]5.       [size=11.5pt]python-mode
[size=11.5pt]6.       [size=11.5pt]NerdTree
[size=11.5pt]7.       [size=11.5pt]tagbar

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