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Introduction to MongoDB for Java, PHP and Python Developers

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Introduction to NoSQLArchitecture with MongoDB for Java, PHP and Python Developers

This article covers using MongoDB as a way to get started with NoSQL.

It presents an introduction to considering NoSQL, why MongoDB is a good NoSQL implementation to get started with, MongoDB shortcommings and trade offs, key MongoDB developer concepts, MongoDB architectural concepts(sharding, replica sets), using the console to learn MongoDB, and getting started with MongoDB for Python, Java and PHP developers.

The article uses MongoDB, but many concepts introduced are common in other NoSQL solutions.

The article should be useful for new developers, ops and DevOps who are new toNoSQL.

From no NoSQL to surewhy not

The first time I heard of something that actually couldbe classified as NoSQL was from Warner Onstine, he is currently workingon some CouchDB articles for InfoQ.

Warner was going on and on about how great CouchDB was. This was before the term NoSQL was coined. I was skeptical, and had just been on a project that was converted from an XMLDocument Database back to Oracle due to issues with the XMLDatabase implementation.

I did the conversion. I did not pick the XML Databasesolution, or decide to convert it to Oracle. I was just the consultant guy onthe project (circa 2005) who did the work after the guy who picked the XMLDatabase moved on and the production issues started to happen.

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