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Takeaway: Sharpen your Ruby development skills by taking advantageof these technologies.

I have been spending a good amount of time lately learning to navigate the Ruby waters. If you tooare getting your feet wet with Ruby for Web development, these 10 technologies will help you writebetter applications, faster.

1: The Ruby language

If you are planning on working inRuby, you should know the Rubylanguage. I have discovered that the syntax of Ruby itself is nottoo hard to learn, but there is a modeof thinking about Ruby code that takes time and experience working in Ruby to develop.Your best bet, in my experience, is to plan out a small project that will touchon all of the major pieces of the language (not just the basic items likearrays and strings, but the deeper ideas, such as mixins, monkey patching, blocks,and closures). Force yourself to do things the way a Ruby developer would, notthe way a Java or C# developer using a different syntax would. Recommendedreading materials are The Pickaxe Book” (Programming Ruby1.9: The Pragmatic Programmers’ Guide) and The Ruby Way.

2: Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails has been the reason for Ruby’s success inthe Web development world (though there are other excellent ways to use Ruby onthe Web as well). Indeed, Rails is one big reason why other systems likeASP.NET have started to move to the MVC pattern themselves. If you are lookingto do Web development, Rails is a well-supported and well-documented system andan excellent place to start learning. I took the Rails for Zombies course and I thought it was very good, and it helped me get aleg up on Rails.

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