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Today's NoSQL landscape includes a number of very capable contenders tackling big data problems in many different ways. One of these contenders is the very capable MongoDB. MongoDB is a document-oriented schema-less storage solution that uses JSON-style. documents to represent, query and modify data.

MongoDB is well documented, easy to install and setup and just as easy to scale. It supports familiar concepts like replication, sharding, indexing and map/reduce. The MongoDB open source community is very large and active. MongoDB boasts many large and high-traffic production deployments including Disney, Craigslist, Foursquare, Github and SourceForge. MongoDB is an open source project created and maintained by, a company founded by former DoubleClick execs. In addition to the superb community support (in which 10gen participates), 10gen offers commercial support.

MongoDB and NoSQL: Pitfalls and Strenghts

MongoDB has the advantage of being a very approachable NoSQL solution. When I first delved into the NoSQL database world I sampled a number of Java based solutions and found myself taking a lot of time figuring out what column families were, what Hadoop's relationship to HBase is and what exactly is a ZooKeeper? While I eventually figured it all out and also found that offerings like Cassandra and HBase are obviously very solid and very provoen solutions to the NoSQL conundrum. MongoDB was easier to grasp with less concepts to overcome before I could start writing code compared to other solutions.

Like any software, MongoDB is obviously not without it's flaws. During my time spent with MongoDB I've come across a few things that I would consider "Gotchas":

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