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Good Way to Copy Data Contacts from Android to iPhone

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Nowadays, iPhone takes up a large percent of smart phone users. It seems more and more Android user switch to iPhone .When you purchase a new iphone and want to transfer old android phone all files including music, photos, videos, contacts, SMS to iphone device? As we all know iPhone and Android phone are running with different operating systems. So transfer data between android and iphone is not easy.

Although you can use Gmail account to sync iphone contacts ,but how to deal with other data and files.So you need one powerful and high-efficiency Android to iPhone Transfer software to solve phone users problem.With the help of Android to iPhone Transfer, you can sync and backup android phone messages ,photos, contacts, videos, music, apps, call logs and calendars from to iPhone 6/6 Plus/5S/5/4S/4 directly.

No matter you are switching from iPhone to Android, or from Android to iPhone, you can both use it to transfer data between the two phones in an easy and convenient way.

How to Copy Data from Android to iPhone ?

Step 1: Launch Android to iPhone Transfer software.

When you launch Android to iPhone Transfer software after ,you need to install it .

Step 2: Connect your iPhone and Android phone to Computer

When you connect your android phone and iphone on pc successful ,you can scan all data from two devices.

Step 3: Check the files you want to switch

Choosing you need to sync and backup data ,then you can easy to transfer data between android and iphone.
Switch Contacts from Android Phone to iPhone

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