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How to print out iphone text messages

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Maybe you know the easily way – take a screenshot to save and print out messages from iphone .But the way only print out sms with a picture of a save .You need to take a screenshot from your iphone device ,and sent this screenshot to wireless iOS-compatible printer. So a lot of iphone users think of this method is very trouble . And want to look for more effective, more efficient method to print out text messages from iphone .

Coolmuster SMS Messages Software program can also help you print out text messages from iPhone on your computer effortlessly in no time. In order to print off iphone text messages ,you need to transfer and backup iphone sms to computer .Then you'd better extract sms from computer, and then you can print them completely.

Coolmuster SMS Messages Software is a perfect and useful to export iPhone messages to your computer. See here :How to print out iphone device text messages

Step 1. Launch SMS Messages Software the program and connect your iPhone to the computer

Step 2. Backup and Transfer iphone messages to computer

When you connect your iphone successful ,you can see the iphone sms on computer .And backup /export iphone sms to computer.

Step 3.Print out iphone text messages from computer      
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