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Does Synchronous Change Data Capture use Log Miner Sessions?
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Synchronous CDC does not use LogMiner sessions in any version of Oracle and is in fact trigger based.

Asynchronous CDC, which was introduced in 10.1, does use LogMiner sessions to capture changes because it utilises Streams technology.

However, the the 10.1 CDC asynchronous options (Asynchronous HotLog Publishing and Asynchronous AutoLog Publishing) cannot involve a 9.2 database.

Only with the introduction of 10.2 can you have a 9.2 database involved in a Asynchronous Distributed HotLog Publishing setup. In this setup the 9.2 database does not contain the change sets but a Capture process is used in the 9.2 database to capture changes on the source tables so implicitly a logminer session is being used

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