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News--Oracle 11g 来于20070711(原)

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20070711 AM 10:00 美国东部时间将在纽约招开发布会。这个时间对应中国时间应该是 20070711 PM 10:00 ,理论上明天我们就可以从官方网站来下载安装档了,期待明天。相关的新特性也会有更多的关注
1.Use ASM Fast Mirror Resync to improve disk failure recovery times
2.Set up ASM Fast Mirror Resync using SQL
3.Configure preferred mirror groups using the ASM_PREFERRED_READ_FAILURE_GROUPS parameter
4.Use the SYSASM privilege to manage ASM disks
5.Use the compatibility modes for disk groups
6.Use ASMCMD command extensions to back up and restore disk groups
7.Discuss LOB improvements using SecureFiles
8.Use temporary tablespace enhancements
9.Perform proactive failure checks using the Data Recovery Advisor
10.Enable tracking of table data using Flashback Data Archive
11.Back out data changes using flashback transaction
12.Configure archive log deletion policies
13.Duplicate active databases using Oracle network (without backups)
14.Back up large files in multiple sections
15.Create archival backups for long-term storage
16.Query a physical standby database while redo is applied
17.Control the location of SQL Apply event information
18.Set the retention target for remote archived log files
19.Use the logical standby database flash recovery area
20.Create a snapshot standby database
21.Configure the password file to use case-sensitive passwords
22.Use TDE support on a logical standby database
23.Use TDE support for Streams
24.Create a tablespace with encryption for added security
25.Store external encrypted data using the Hardware Security Module
26.Use LOB encryption for SecureFile LOBs on per-column or per-partition basis
27.Use EM to manage your database security options
28.Set up and modify Automatic SQL Tuning
29.Create AWR Baselines for future time periods
30.Use additional supplied maintenance windows for specific maintenance tasks
31.Simplify memory configuration by setting MEMORY_TARGET initialization parameters
32.Improve file accessibility of the SPFILE file
33.Perform clusterwide analysis of performance using RAC-aware ADDM
34.Implement partitioning on tables, indexes, and materialized views from SQL Access Advisor’s recommendations
35.Use partitioning enhancements to gain significantly faster data access
36.Gain flexibility in automatic statistic generation at the object level
37.Use memory efficiently with Query Result Cache support
38.Gain execution speed by using automatic native PL/SQL and Java compilation
39.Discuss the increased cursor shareability

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