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Solaris 2.6 Post-Install Recommendations

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After installing Solaris on your system, it is very important that you download the OIIT Solaris Supplement and install it on your system. If you do not install the OIIT Solaris Suppliment your system will be a high security risk.

The OIIT Solaris Suppliment is available on Use the following to guide you through the process of installing this package.

An Important Note: If you're installing this supplement from a machine using a graphical environment (X11) please choose the Command Line Login (under Options, should be the fourth choice from the top) when prompted to login to the machine. The system will return to a text console and you'll need to hit enter/return to be presented with a login prompt. If you are installing through a telnet session, you will need to ensure you inherit your shell environment using the '-' as a switch to su, e.g., # su - .

  1. Log into your system as root (see Important Note above.)
  2. If you are using Solaris-2.6 or Solaris 8 with a non-local DNS server, configure DNS
    1. Edit /etc/nsswitch.conf
      In Solaris 2.6, line 12 of /etc/nsswitch.conf should look like this:
      hosts: files
      Change it to look like this:
      hosts: dns files
    2. edit /etc/resolv.conf (new file)
      Populate the file with applicable information.
      Values in italics should be changed to suit your campus.
      Values in bold are keywords that should not be changed.
    3. Edit /etc/defaultrouter
      Populate it with a single line that contains the IP address of the router this machine will use as its gateway.
  3. # cd /
    # mkdir oiit
    # cd oiit
  4. # ftp
    • Login as ftp with your email address as your password.
    • ftp> bin
    • ftp> get /pub/unix/Solaris2/OIIT-Supp.tar.Z OIIT-Supp.tar.Z
    • ftp> bye

  5. # uncompress -c OIIT-Supp.tar.Z | tar xvf -
  6. # ./oiit-install

If you have any questions please contact OIIT via the OIIT Helpdesk at 1-888-875-3697.

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