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10G--Rename Tablespace rules(zt)

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Another great new feature in tablespace management is rename tablespace.

Tablespace Rename Overview

In Oracle 10g, you can simply rename a tablespace TBS01 to TBS02 by issuing the following command:


However, you must follow the rules when renaming a tablespace:

      • You must set compatibility level to at least 10.0.1.
      • You cannot rename the SYSTEM or SYSAUX tablespaces.
      • You cannot rename an offline tablespace.
      • You cannot rename a tablespace that contains offline datafiles.
      • Renaming a tablespace does not changes its tablespace identifier.
      • Renaming a tablespace does not change the name of its datafiles.

Tablespace Rename Benefits

Tablespace rename provides the following benefits:

      • It simplifies the process of tablespace migration within a database.
      • It simplifies the process of transporting a tablespace between two databases.

Example 1: Rename a tablespace within a database. In Oracle9i or earlier releases, you must take the following steps to rename a tablespace from OLD_TBS to NEW_TBS:

      1. Create a new tablespace NEW_TBS.
      2. Copy all objects from OLD_TBS to NEW_TBS.
      3. Drop tablespace OLD_TBS.

In Oracle 10g, you can accomplish the same thing in one step:

      • Rename tablespace OLD_TBS to NEW_TBS.
     ALTER TABLESPACE RENAME old_tbs to new_tbs;
others: temp tablespace group,bigfile tablespace please reference:


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