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Oracle Database - Enterprise Edition - Version to [Release 11.1 to 11.2]
Information in this document applies to any platform.

Oracle Server Enterprise Edition - Version: to


This note will show how to create SQL Plan Baseline for

- SQL coming from an application where the SQL can't be modified

- SQL need hints to run a good execution plan

Please note that PLAN_HASH_VALUE is different than HASH_VALUE for the SQL

In the following section , PLAN_HASH_VALUE is only used and not HASH_VALUE


1- Capture sql plan baseline for the original SQL .

var res number ;
exec :res := dbms_spm.load_plans_from_cursor_cache(sql_id => '&original_sql_id', plan_hash_value => &original_plan_hash_value );

To check a baseline existence for a specific SQL_ID:

select s.sql_id,
  from v$sql s
  JOIN dba_sql_plan_baselines b
    on (s.exact_matching_signature = b.signature)
   and sql_id = '&SQL_ID';

2- Execute the hinted SQL.

3- Find the SQL_ID and plan_hash_value from V$SQL or directly running this command after the SQL is successfully completed ( keep note of the SQL_ID and plan_hash_value for the hinted SQL , these will be used at step5)

select * from table(dbms_xplan.display_cursor);

4- Verify original SQL baseline exist . ( keep note of the sql_handle for the original SQL, will be used in step5 )

select sql_text, sql_handle, plan_name, enabled, accepted from dba_sql_plan_baselines;

5- Associate the hinted execution plan to the original sql_handle.

var res number
exec :res := dbms_spm.load_plans_from_cursor_cache(sql_id => '&hinted_SQL_ID',plan_hash_value => &hinted_plan_hash_value,sql_handle => '&sql_handle_for_original');

6- Verify the new baseline was added.

select sql_text, sql_handle, plan_name, enabled, accepted from dba_sql_plan_baselines;

7- If the original plan captured initially is not needed, it can be dropped, or disabled.

exec :res :=DBMS_SPM.DROP_SQL_PLAN_BASELINE ('&original_sql_handle','&original_plan_name');

8- Execute the SQL from application and verify that SQL is now using the the SQL Plan baseline, run the SQL against V$SQL

select SQL_PLAN_BASELINE from V$SQL where SQL_ID='&original_SQL_ID'

The hinted Plan that is loaded into the SPM repository is marked as acceptable and enabled
and becomes part of sql plan baseline as it is manual load, so make sure to load
well tuned and plans that has been well verified for performance.

A test case is uploaded to this note which is implementing the steps above.

Document 215187.1 SQLTXPLAIN offers a script ( ./utl/coe_load_sql_baseline.sql ) to automate the steps, review the script before running it.

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