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Early Tuesday, the Nikkei Asian Review (the Nikkei Asian Review) published a paper entitled "the Apple iPhone wireless charging treasure (Apple to unveil the iPhone wireless charging with AirPods)", claimed AirPods wireless charging box will support to establish connections with the iPhone in some way, make the accessories for the iPhone for wireless charging.

"The product is likely to be available by the end of this year.
However, the timetable will change. Interestingly, the nikkei took out the apple design director which Jony Ive speech conclude that apple will do so, because of which Jony Ive had repeatedly expressing public apple the ambition of "to create the future" wireless, and AirPods after charging box into a treasure, and this goal is further.

At first glance, this might seem like a respectable solution, but nikkei did not give any further details. To be honest, the AirPods wireless charging case has its own barriers to charging the iPhone, regardless of the reliability of the nikkei source.


First, the current Qi protocol may prohibit this. Apple had previously confirmed that an optional wireless charging box would be available in 2018, and that it would be able to charge itself wirelessly via AirPower, which is also available. However, this AirPods wireless charging box and can't do everything, because must abide by the Qi rules and specific how to realize the wireless charging rules, and AirPods wireless charging box for the iPhone wireless charging, may need to join to adjust the direction of the charging circuit, but it seems to be not allowed in the specification.

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