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SAP SD 交货单明明已经做了PGI,为什么还有Open Qty?

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SAP SD 交货单明明已经做了PGI,为什么还有Open Qty?

交货单80024244,看其document flow, PGI 业务已经完成了,如下图示:

而其ITEM里的open qty还是不为0,如下图示,


经咨询项目上的SD顾问,由于项目里对于交货单有启用POD功能,只有等POD完成后,才算物权的最终转移给客户方。该DN尚未完成POD事务,所以其Open Qty就不为0了。

SAP POD 功能是怎么回事呢?这里了解一下。




Proof of delivery (POD) is an instrument involved in business processes in which an invoice is issued only after the customer has confirmed the delivery's arrival. In addition to the proof of delivery itself, you can also record the POD date, POD time, the actual quantity that arrived and the reason for possible differences in quantities. This is especially important for deliveries in which the delivery quantity varies because of the nature of the goods or for which the exact delivery quantity is unknown from the start.

You are now in a position to issue an accurate invoice based on the customer's confirmation of goods received. It is no longer necessary to create credit memos after the fact. The reasons for deviation that occur most often in "real world" scenarios such as stock shrinkage, theft, certain characteristics of goods (volatility, for example) and transportation damage are recorded and analyzed in the system. This analysis is especially valuable when you are negotiating with forwarding agents, vendors or customers, since all deviations can be reflected.


You should make the following settings in the Implementation Guide under Logistics Execution --> Shipping --> Deliveries --> Proof of delivery:

Define for each delivery item category whether it is relevant for the POD process.

In this activity, you can set the proof of delivery (POD) relevance depending on the delivery item category.

We recommend that you flag all item categories that belong to a delivery type as POD-relevant. After setting the POD-relevant indicator in the customer master, you can activate the proof of delivery process.

When the system creates billing documents for the item categories that are marked as POD-relevant, it copies the verified quantity rather than the delivery quantity.

SAP recommends that you flag all item categories that belong to a delivery type as being POD relevant

Manually Confirming Proof of Delivery (POD)

1) Create delivery using VL10 or VL01N.

2) After performing picking and Packing activity save the delivery

3) Now execute VLPOD in order to execute the POD

For other Transaction Codes

Logistics -->Logistics Execution -->Outbound Process -->Proof of Delivery -->............

Also for further details you can search in the following path

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