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SAP HUM已知一个内部HU号码,如何得到HU号码?

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SAP HUM已知一个内部HU号码,如何得到HU号码?

去表VEPO 查数据即可,

为什么HU要有internal HU号码 ?

Prior to the existence of HUM, in WM you had storage units (SUs) and in SD shipping units (also SUs). HUM is more or less an extension of the functionality of these through the other modules in the supply chain. I believe when SAP did this they needed to retain the existing SU numbers and functions but wished to have the HU as a universal description. Therefore the old SUs were re-badged as internal HUs whereas the new HUs, which have the ability to move through the modules are described as external. In other words internal HUs only exist in WM.

The HU information is stored in table VEKP (header) and VEPO (item). In the header table you can find Internal HU No (VENUM). This is the internal SAP number automatically assigned as the table key each time you create an HU. However, the HU aslo has an external number (EXIDV) which is the number of the HU that is used when marking the HU. This number allows for a longer ID than the internal number if you want to use.

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