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Zebra Label Printing – Configuration in SAP

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Zebra Label Printing – Configuration in SAP


This document explains the ways to configure Zebra label Printer in your SAP System. Step by step instructions are given to ease the configuration process.

Zebra Printers are mostly used to have a label printing. Once you select the respective printer which will be suitable for your requirements then follow the process for configuration in SAP.

Step 1 :

Have the following details handy for the hassle free configuration,

1. Printer Name/ IP Address

2. Print Server

You will have to decide the access method as per the requirement whether the printer will be a remote printer or local printer.

Step 2 :

Open transaction SPAD and get into the device type selection wizard,

Check the updated status of data sets. If your data set version is obsolete then update it to the recent one by importing the XML from Note 1036961.

Download the file which is attached in the note 1036961 and uncar it in your machine. then click on “Update Printer Information” which will ask you to import an XML file. Import it thereby your Data sets will be updated.

This will change the entries in the tables TSPOPIP and TSPOPIMAN . This means you have all the latest information as per SAP regarding printer model and the corresponding device types.

Step 3 :

Select the manufacturer as “Zebra” and in the below drop down select the corresponding “Model” of the printer then proceed to the next screen where it will ask you for language.

Select the required language.

Step 4 :

Now you will have to assign the suggested device type to an output device. Here we have two scenarios,

1. The suggested device type could have already been in the SAP system. In this case just select the device type to the output device and complete the process.

2. The suggested device type does not exist in the system. In this case we will have to download  and import it in our system.

Process to be followed to import a device type:

1. Go to “Install device type” and following screen will appear,

2. You can download the .PRI files for the corresponding device types from Zebra website.

3. Once you download, you can browse the file and you can import it in SAP like below,

4. You will have to provide a TR number and assign a package based on your landscape as below,

At last the recommended device type will be available in your system and you can proceed with the configuration of printer.

Installation of ABAP Drivers:

After  the successful configuration of Zebra Printer, we will have to go through another step called “ABAP Driver Installation”. Once you install the ABAP driver then only you will be able to view the spool requests which will have label.

The ABAP driver as well is available in Zebra website as “Data file” and “Co file”. You can download and import it in your system.

Based on the customer requirement, have a contact with ABAPers and customize the page format by adding the created format to the selected device type.

Yes.You are done with the configuration now!!! Hope this document gives you an idea regarding the Zebra label printing configuration.




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