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SAP Extended Warehouse Management

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SAP Extended Warehouse Management


Warehouse Management with SAP EWM

The Warehouse Management software SAP EWM is the new SAP warehouse logistics solution based on SAP SCM.

Comprehensive support of logistics processes and full transparency over stocks and business processes are prerequisites for sustainable Warehouse Management.

With SAP EWM, SAP provides businesses of all industries with a software solution that makes it possible to set up integrated and uniform logistics processing and plan, procure, store, transport and deliver products via a central platform.


Features of SAP EWM

  • Multi-client management

  • Flexible modeling of the warehouse and processes

  • Inventory and process transparency

  • Optimization of warehouse planning and process execution

  • Support of modern services within the warehouse

  • Seamless integration of technology (automation, RF, RFID)

  • Integration into the full SAP logistics solution




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