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SAP MM How To Define Valuation Class for NLAG

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 SAP MM How To Define Valuation Class for NLAG

Explain how to define valuation class for NLAG material type?

To make this clear for everyone who seems to have problems understanding the concept of NLAG materials:

1. NLAG means non-stock. 
This means that when you do goods receipt of these items, they are posted directly to consumption. 

Non-stock material is material that is not held in stock because it is consumed immediately.  (Office supplies such as stationary. You need to create purchase order and accounting document for payment but the stock balance is always zero as it is issued out immediately to the various department.) 

2. Since there materials are posted to consumption, there is NEVER any updating of any stock quantities or stock values.

3. Since the valuation class is used to determine which STOCK account is to be posted to, there is NEVER a valuation class for non-stock materials. 
If you system ask you for this, it is set up incorrectly.

4. In the customizing of the material type NLAG, neither quantity updating or stock updating should be ticked.

5. In the customizing of the material type, the accounting view MUST NOT be ticked.

6. When you create a P.O. you will have to enter an account assignment category.

7. In account determination the system will use GBB. In this case, GBB is configured usually to use the account modification as an influencing factor. The account modification used is found in the customizing of the account assignment you use in the purchase order.

8. Try it. It works.


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