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Material ### 4400 cannot be used in inbound delivery because QM is active

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SAP MM VL31N Error Msg - Material 47-54-039-004 4400 cannot be used in inbound delivery because QM is active -

Error Msg

SA document number: 5500019471



Material 47-54-039-004 4400 cannot be used in inbound delivery because QM is active

Message no. L9528



QM is active for material 47-54-039-004 in plant 4400. As a result, the material cannot be used in an inbound delivery item because the item is relevant for picking and because WM is active for the item.


This process is not supported in the current release.



Execute the putaway using a goods receipt posting with subsequent

putaway in the Warehouse Management system.




We have the same situation – even SAP themselves did not find any solution to the fact that the QM and WM cannot work together, if IBDLV is used. The reason is the fact that using IBDLV enables the creation and confirmation of putaway TO before GR – which triggers creation of the inspection lot. And the new quant might be merged with older quant, making it impossible for the system to know where the insp.lot. belongs to.

We have used an alternative flow, a workaround with a separate storage location (not assigned to WM) used for GR and QM processes and then after GR an automated Transfer Posting from ‘GR-stor.loc.’ to ‘WM-stor.loc’ .

This TP is triggered by an Output on the GR material doc., this output (special function) triggers a little program collection the necessary data from standard tables + a special control table, enters the data into a MBGMCR idoc using GM code 04, and processes this idoc with target ‘own system’. Using normal condition technique, this output can be controlled via event type (WE,WQ) so the transfer will be triggered immediately if materials are not QM-active, but will await QM usage decision if QM is active.

The TP will result in a putaway TO in WM – we have incorporated in the special function that the GR is copyed into the TP mat.doc. as a header text. Since the putaway TO will refer to the TP mat.doc., it is possible to trace back to the GR PO, if necessary.







We are not using HUM however using WM. Nonetheless, the problem persist while creating inbounds. 


We are trying to use the following approach to address this problem. 


uncheck 'relev. for putaway' indicator from 'ELN' item category thus enabling VL31N to by-pass the hard stop incurred due to QM activation.


SAP's reason for this hardstop is to avoid inconsistencies that may arise when TO's are created for inbound deliveries before GR is posted. This scenario does not pertain to us since TO for inbounds before GR is not applicable. Therefore, we are enabling the above configuration. By doing this, we are breaking the link between inbound delvy's and WM, and thus disabling the functionality of creating TO's referencing inbound delvy's (transactions like LT03, LT0F become irrelevant).


But, this process will not work if we implement HUM since standard SAP will not allow to create a putaway TO referencing a TR or a material document. It becomes imperative to create a TO referencing a delvy, but this configuraton will break that link hence it will not work.


Best Regards.

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