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hdp zeppelin 数据可视化分析配置

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执行:hdp-select status hadoop-client | sed 's/hadoop-client - \(.*\)/\1/'


(Optional) Installing Zeppelin Manually

The Zeppelin Technical Preview is available as an HDP package compiled against Spark 1.6.

To install the Zeppelin Technical Preview manually (instead of using Ambari), complete the following steps as user root.

  1. Install the Zeppelin service:
    yum install zeppelin
  2. Make a copy of
    cd /usr/hdp/current/zeppelin-server/lib
    cp conf/ conf/
  3. In the file, export the following three values.
    Note: you will use PORT to access the Zeppelin Web UI. corresponds to the version of HDP where you are installing Zeppelin; for example,
    export HADOOP_CONF_DIR=/etc/hadoop/conf export ZEPPELIN_PORT=9995 export ZEPPELIN_JAVA_OPTS="-Dhdp.version="
  4. To obtain the HDP version for your HDP cluster, run the following command:
    hdp-select status hadoop-client | sed 's/hadoop-client - (.*)/1/'
  5. Copy hive-site.xml to Zeppelin’s conf directory:
    cd /usr/hdp/current/zeppelin-server/lib
    cp /etc/hive/conf/hive-site.xml conf/
  6. Remove “s” from the values of hive.metastore.client.connect.retry.delay and hive.metastore.client.socket.timeout, in the hive-site.xml file in zeppelin/conf dir. (This will avoid a number format exception.)
  7. Create a root user in HDFS:
    su hdfs
    hdfs dfs -mkdir /user/root
    hdfs dfs -chown root /user/root

To launch Zeppelin, run the following commands:

cd /usr/hdp/current/zeppelin-server/lib
bin/ start
zeppelin spark配置: 
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master           yarn-client
spark.home       /usr/hdp/current/spark-client
spark.yarn.jar   /usr/hdp/current/spark-client/lib/spark-assembly-
spark.driver.extraJavaOptions -Dhdp.version= -Dhdp.version=
spark.executor.instances executor个数(默认2个)
export HADOOP_CONF_DIR=/etc/hadoop/conf
export SPARK_HOME=/usr/hdp/
export ZEPPELIN_PORT=9995
export ZEPPELIN_JAVA_OPTS="-Dhdp.version="

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