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FW:Forgot password for OBIEE rpd (or) Resetting Admin Tool password

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During my R&D work today, i come across a situation how to reset the password for rpd where I forgot the old password. All existed solutions (like NQSChangepassword.exe command) have associated with mentioning old password to get the new one.

The work around I found:

  1. Open NQSConfig.INI file
  2. Go to Security part and find AUTHENTICATION_TYPE = BYPASS_NQS;
  3. Uncomment (remove #) this part.
  4. Stop the BI Server service
  5. Close Administration Tool, if opened. (Then only the changes are affecting to the Administration Tool)
  6. Open Administration Tool, then rpd which needs password reset, in offline mode
  7. Give any password, it accepts.
  8. Now go to Manage > Security.
  9. From here it’s the normal process how you change password.
  10. Save the changes to rpd
  11. Revert back the changes in NQSConfig.INI
  12. Start BI Server and open rpd with new password.

I am not aware of whether it is this bug or something else. And there is also a way to do this using Import from Repository. But this is deprecated option. Of course, i found that my approach is an easy way and not time consuming process :)

This is the work around I found for resetting password of rpd.

The same i posted in Forums too ..

here it is….

BTW, I am using version…

Your’s Kishore…

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