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vipeak ore processing equipment for the development

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This grinding mill plant industry is undoubtedly icing on the cake , a good time temporary relief . As a mining industry leader - vipeak has been committed to R & D and innovation mining machinery and equipment , and continuously developed new types of crushers , mills and sand making machine and other high-tech equipment for the mining machinery industry has added new opportunities and vitality.

It is reported that Azuoqi from Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region VIII Land and Resources Bureau of Geology and Mineral Exploration and Development Institute was informed Alashanzuoqi Yan Latour exploration area to carry out geological exploration work since , geological remarkable results. Until recently , the maximum thickness of the graphite ore found in 66 meters above the graphite ore prospecting prediction is 42 million tons , 2.1 million tons of mineral volume of prospective resources in quantities of 1 million tons, is expected to be a large crystalline graphite deposit . Discovery of kaolin ore, kaolin mineral resource exploration speculate in more than 100 tons .

stone crusher,rock crusher:


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