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Raymond mill in the processing of calcite class ore

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Over the years, the master of ultra-fine powder processing equipment technology , the traditional raymond mill application process in the various issues thorough technological innovation. We found that when using the traditional mill , Raymond mill, Raymond mill in the processing of calcite class ore, 325 mesh ore contains large amounts of 10um ultrafine slag, if it can be isolated and expanded production will greatly improve efficiency.

The main source of industry ultrafine powder material is metallic and nonmetallic materials and other organic matter mineralization , a common zinc oxide , molybdenum powder, magnesium and other metal mineralization ultrafine powder , as well as kaolin powder, talcum powder , fluorite powder, gypsum powder , bentonite powder and superfine powder of non-metallic mineralization . These special processing materials made of ultra-fine powders , with a very wide applicability of production , most products can be directly used in industrial processing . And through a special modification, its use in the field can expand exponentially . Many new industrial products using ultrafine powder as an additive material , greatly improving the original strength, flexibility , abrasion resistance, high temperature resistance , anti-aging , anti- radiation performance, while greatly reducing the cost of production .

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