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vipeak2715 Raymond mill machine type into the Shandong

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·   2012, Zhengzhou faint misty weather , customers arrived early on in Zhengzhou City , the company sent a car to greet customers in Shandong , which the customer is a look at a comparison with seniority , at noon in the Company's trial machine scene spot test machine , a prototype of fancy Grinder mill plant 2715 , fineness , yield was the favorite , by mutual agreement , customer requirements afternoon delivery , personally pressed the car to take the goods , the company quickly arrangements for the vehicle in motion , in order to prepare the invoice customers , customer on-site supervision , carried out a series of busy work , at four o'clock in the afternoon , 2715 Raymond Full installation type goods inventory is completed, the customer's waiting command to install technical personnel with vehicle and go.

Five o'clock in the afternoon , the goods over time a little bit off. The equipment is new equipment Branch initiative launched in 2012 - Raymond environmentally friendly machine , this machine is the result of a series of Raymond transformation, conducted several test machine , plus adjust the internal structure , conduct an automatic transformation equipment , won the customer 's pro-Lai, won some praise . I hope 2012 Love Branch redouble their efforts, more and more use of new technologies , and promote the development of more HUAKE equipment , bring more benefits for the sake of customer service , to conduct a qualitative breakthrough in the milling industry.

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