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Mobile crushing station o can not occur at the expense of the environment

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  Economic development is inseparable from the market guidance, the advancement of technology . 2012 was not only the year of mining machinery industry by leaps and bounds , it is a year of prosperity and development of China's industrial development . Mining machinery industry in our country to promote and support the government , especially crusher equipment industry development is most obvious.

    Mobile crushing station interpretation of new economic development model , driven by eco- upgrades while economic development. Construction waste mobile crushing station will skillfully turned , picked up garbage everywhere , the rapid transformation of economic development with environmental protection tiles. Construction waste "change " to go through seven steps - screening, crushing, screening , feed mixing, pre- raising , and finally the finished product conservation , round after round mark are sloppy , especially early screening broken link determines the output material quality. "Mechanical giant jaw " mobile crushing station can effectively ensure the quality of construction waste crushing screening stage , which can effectively complete the construction waste "change " and put an end to generate new pollution , mobile crushing plant output of raw materials , but downright "green body . " By construction waste mobile crushing plant crushing become recycled aggregate , adding fly ash, cement and additives , can be made into unburned brick , grass brick , square brick , permeable bricks, tiles and other 15 kinds of road along the green building materials .

    The country's economic development must be sustained in order to protect the ecological environment , and put into use in Henan vipeak Industry mobile crushing station , the situation in the country's economic development but also provide some boost effect. The mobile crushing station through the construction waste and other waste crushing stones to a certain size , and made to conform to the requirements of the State Environmental Protection renewable building materials, widely used in highway, railway , construction and other projects.

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