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【OCM】Oracle 12C OCMU 12c OCM升级考试大纲

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Oracle Database 12c Certified Master Upgrade Exam

Exam Number: 12COCMU

Duration: 1 day
Number of Questions: N/A
Passing Score: 59.17%

Exam Environment

  • Oracle Linux Release 6.5 64 bit

  • Mozilla Browser, Text (emacs, gedit) and vi editors

  • Shell environment: bash, csh

  • Use either CLI or GUI environment and tools when available

  • Oracle Database 12 c  Enterprise Edition Release  64 bit

  • Oracle Grid Infrastructure 12 Release 1 (

  • Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12 c  Rel 4

Notes about t he exam

  • Exam participants work through four skillsets that are based on the exam objectives.

  • Tasks can be performed using CLI or GUI environment and tools when available

Minimum Skill-set wise Passing Scores:

  • Skillset1 : General Database and Network Administration, and Backup Strategy : 55.56%

  • Skillset2: Data and Performance Management : 31.74%

  • Skillset3: Data Guard : 43.39%

  • Skillset4: Grid Infrastructure and RAC : 44.28%

General Database and Network Administration, and Backup Strategy

  • Create and manage pluggable databases

  • Create and manage users, roles, and privileges

  • Configure the network environment to allow connections to multiple databases

  • Protect the database from loss of data due to any kind of failure

  • Create and manage database configuration files

Data and Performance Management

  • Modify materialized views

  • Create a plugged-in tablespace by using the transportable tablespace feature

  • Create partitioned tables

  • Configure the database to retrieve all previous versions of the table rows

  • Configure the Resource Manager

  • Tune SQL statements

  • Perform real application testing

  • Create SQL Plan baselines

Data Guard

  • Create a physical standby database

  • Make the standby database available for testing

  • Restore the standby database to its normal function

  • Configure fast start failover

Grid Infrastructure and Real Application Clusters

  • Install Oracle Grid Infrastructure

  • Create ASM disk groups

  • Create and manage an ASM instance

  • Create ACFS

  • Start, stop, configure, and administer Oracle Grid Infrastructure

  • Install the Oracle Database 12 software

  • Create RAC databases

  • Configure services



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