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How to choose oilfield mud tanks

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The mud tank is suitable for oil drilling mud purification processing and storage. It can do the drilling fluids purification by recycling the mud tank treatment, improve the level crossing rate, reduce the wear of slurry pump, save materials, reduce drilling cost and protect environment.

Different mud tanks needed on the drilling rigs depend on the depth of the well and the mud demands of drilling. KOSUN is capable of manufacturing a series of mud tanks to meet the different drilling mud separating process. KOSUN mud tank used in drilling mud projects has the following advantages: ensure low loss of drilling mud, reduce environmental pollution, reduce the labor intensity of operation, and meet the requirement of the drilling technology. In a word, drilling mud tanks can bring considerable economic benefits for the users, just like shale shakers, mud cleaners and decanter centrifuges. In the mud tank process of separating drilling mud, mud gun is also an important tool. It is generally used to prevent the mud sediment in drilling mud tank, to support shear pump.

In order to get the most suitable mud tanks, customers should know more about the products before the purchase. Fortunately, KOSUN offers you a chance to get more information about Mud tank, as well as other solids control machines. You can get the information at any time!

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