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Significant to maintain mud desilter

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Solids control refers to the technique, equipment and system used in drilling rig to separate the solids in the drilling fluids that are crushed by the drill bits and carried out of the well surface”. The technique is applied in the solids control system, which has five stages, namely, shale shaker, mud desander, drilling mud Desilter and decanting centrifuge. Every stage is used to separate cuttings from drilling fluids.

As a part of solids control system, mud desilter is important to be installed properly. The quality of the machine largely affects the normal work of the whole process. Don't start it working right away. Mud desilter should operate 5~15 minutes after every halt of pump running, with screen cloth cleanly washed in clear water. And it is especially to do so when slurry having big viscosity to be processed with close-mesh screen for processing effect will be impacted because the meshes are blocked by sticky substance and silver sand.

As the second or third drilling solids control system, mud desilter has the cyclones, which are used 4 ", 5" cyclones, which are mainly used for drilling fluids separation of solid particles in a size of 15-47μm in diameter. The handling capacity cam can be choosen according to the customers’ requirements. KOSUN drilling mud desilter has high separation capacity and wide size range of separation.

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