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Mud cleaner aims to process in solids removal

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In drilling fluids process, mud cleaners are used to remove drilled solids, particles and cuttings. Exactly, the mud desander removes the solids between 45 and 75 microns in diameter. The mud desilter gets rid of solids 15-45 microns.

The particles are usually needed to be removed from the drill in solids control system. Mud cleaner aims to process in solids removal. When choosing the machines, the customers should focus on the quality, capability and prices. They must want to get good quality mud cleaners at reasonable prices. Particles may cause the drilling liquid become too thick so that it cannot pass through the machine. By removing solids and cuttings, the drill machines can operate well.

The first step of using a mud cleaner is to feed the drilling mud through hydrocyclones. A hydrocyclone is a kind of essential device that is set one mud desander and mud desilter. It can use force to push purified mud through the top of the cyclone, and make thicker particles pass through the bottom section.

KOSUN is a trustworthy solids control equipment manufacturer, who connects the domestic business and international sale at the same time. Established in 1992, KOSUN has had very rich experience in the industry. 

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