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concrete mixer users should pay attentions to some aspects as follow

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Bona Enterprise Co., is a professional concrete mixer supplier in Henan, China. Our main products are:
JS twin shaft concrete mixer, JDC concrete mixer, JDY concrete mixer, JZC concrete mixer, JZM concrete mixer and JZR concrete mixer. Bona as a concrete mixer machine manufactures tells users some aspects they should pay attentions on as following:

Regular check and maintenance of concrete mixer can be divided into the following aspects: installation, adjustment, check and maintenance. Regular check and maintenance are efficient ways to ensure the normal performance and long service life of concrete mixer.
Before installing, users should check whether the spare parts match with the concrete mixer, whether these spare parts are in good condition. When installing motor, users should make sure the cable line is reliable. The motor must have a ground wire.
After installing a concrete mixer, users should make a test run and adjust the vibration strength. Check whether the screw bolt is tight or not every day.
After using the concrete mixer for a period of time, users should check the condition of bearings etc. wearing parts and change worn ones in time.

If you have any questions about our concrete mixers please feel free to contact with us.

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