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1. 准备工作
1.1 在.profile里面修改$ORACLE_HOME添加
connect SYS/password as SYSDBA
set echo on
col comp_name for a30
spool textinstall.log
1.2 建立DRSYS 表空间
mklv -y csdb013_01glv -t jfs2 -T O datavg2 8 hdiskpower12 hdiskpower13 hdiskpower14 hdiskpower15
 chown oracle:dba /dev/rcsdb013_01glv
CREATE TABLESPACE DRSYS DATAFILE '/dev/rcsdb013_01glv' SIZE 1023m;

2.Start of Text loading
EXECUTE dbms_registry.loading('CONTEXT', 'Oracle Text');
start ?/ctx/admin/dr0csys ctxsys DRSYS TEMP

3.Install CTXSYS objects
connect CTXSYS/ctxsys
start ?/ctx/admin/dr0inst /software/oracle/product/9.2/ctx/lib/
start ?/ctx/admin/defaults/drdefcs.sql

4.Upgrade CTXSYS to the latest patchset version, only required for >
connect SYS/password as SYSDBA
start ?/ctx/admin/ctxpatch.sql
select comp_name, version, status from dba_registry;
spool off
Review the output file textinstall.log for errors.
Installation of Oracle Text 9.2.0.x is complete.

5.check out
------------------- cut here ------------------------------
connect SYS/password as SYSDBA
set pages 1000
col object_name format a40
col object_type format a20
col comp_name format   a30
column library_name format a8
column file_spec format a60 wrap
spool text_install_verification.log
-- check on setup
select comp_name, status, substr(version,1,10) as version
  from dba_registry
    where comp_id = 'CONTEXT';
select * from ctxsys.ctx_version;
select substr(ctxsys.dri_version,1,10) VER_CODE from dual;
select count(*)
  from dba_objects where owner='CTXSYS';
-- Get a summary count
select object_type, count(*)
  from dba_objects where owner='CTXSYS'
group by object_type;
-- Any invalid objects
select object_name, object_type, status
  from dba_objects
    where owner='CTXSYS'
    and status != 'VALID'
order by object_name;
select library_name,file_spec,dynamic,status
from all_libraries
  where owner = 'CTXSYS';
spool off

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