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Hi shoe lace method

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High nike air max trainers shoe lace method of double x knot (two roots band)
From second a hole began, by outside to in through laces; with x knot law first Department a root laces; to some method Department to last; end stuffed to inside Hou knotted handling; other a root laces through first a hole, play x knot, through first root laces cross Department; and will laces end knotted handling; left of lines compared long, can do a ring; around several circle zhihou from ring in through.
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Hi shoe lace x knot within the law:
After keeping the ends of shoelaces, wear out from the second hole at each end; (1) holes through the (2) holes, and from (3) holes; punched again and again; the length of lace needs 90-95CM, the last remaining stretch inside the knot.
Hi shoe lace twist knot of law:
Two pairs of shoelaces in it wear wemans nike air max out after tying; both laces cross section from the second hole after coming out; in order to center the intersection, tighten the laces centered at the intersection of the twist in the process; last hole: final x-open process, putting on and taking off is more convenient, and the rest placed inside the shoe laces tied together.

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