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Nike introduced a base layer

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Since Under Armour's founding in 1996, the apparel and footwear brand has been synonymous with "base layer." Skintight, short-sleeve or long-sleeve, cold weather or warm, the Baltimore-based company built its reputation on a piece of the uniform that had mostly been ignored in sports football boots uk apparel's tech revolution. 
Under Armour founder Kevin Plank initially targeted football teams for the gear. But all types of sports have since embraced sweat-wicking, compression base layers. The days when greatest hockey player of all time Bobby Orr could wear a union suit underneath his Boston Bruins uniform that would work just as well for a day of ice fishing near Parry Sound, Ontario, vanished. While Plank's initiative was some generations removed from Mssr. Orr, Under Armour could take credit for a revolutionizing trend.
It worked. And Nike noticed.
Since at least 2010, the Oregon company has featured its own Pro Combat base layer as part of the "system of dress" for football players. The form-fitting, multi-fabric undergarments have been a clear answer to Under Armour's pioneering base layer.
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On Thursday, Nike f50 football boots introduced a base layer and other gear timed to coincide with Super Bowl XLVIII. That Feb. 2 game at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J., will be the first to be played in a cold-weather climate. The Vince Lombardi Trophy inspired the products' design, the company said in a news release.
With that in mind, the Nike Hyperwarm Max Shield Hood is a lightweight answer to keeping toasty in an environment possibly featuring sub-freezing temperatures. Arguably, by waiting until today to unveil the Hyperwarm Max Shield Hood, Nike missed out on the NFL's/world's greatest Antarctic-like marketing platform of them all: The Frozen Tundra of Lambeau Field, on display during Sunday's 49ers-Packers playoff game last weekend.
The Super Bowl, though, is a bigger venue than a playoff game. With the Hyperwarm Max Shield Hood, there appears to be no more need for mish-mash combinations of balaclavas and stand-alone shirts. The Hyperwarm Max Shield Hood, says a Nike news release, "provides limited distractions while providing maximum protection against wind, rain or snow. The cut enhances ventilation and thermoregulation which also helps reduce chafing against the pads."
That said, under the league's licensing agreements, NFL players -- those with Under Armour or Adidas endorsement deals, for example -- can wear any brand of undergarment they want, so long as the logos aren't visible amid their Nike cheap football boots -branded uniform's exterior.

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