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Fan Kuo-mounted Street staged positive energy

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Sporty youth movement, but it can also be very elegant! winter campaign winds mix rather than pullovers to build, also bare midriff dress, high-waist trousers, or even wear formal skirt are attractive people into street-eye tool. Following the street of xiaobian mens nike blazers sports fan with positive energy.
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Street, Cara Delevingne is not idling funny, should not be able to say she was selling MoE, because she almost always does not make sense for the camera. Her styling attracted photographers, street POP sense of dress, knit hat, jeans and black boots. Feeling very casual, it should be is not really careful dressing. Though she is a little careless, but fortunately she has a unique sense of nature, namely because of the theatrical costume, we are more rare and not carved beauty. This seemingly random street winds filled with youth and sports activity. Green winter become a touch of vitality.
With tens of thousands of fans of "Monster," the mother of Lady Gaga, always shocking dress mirror but also at the best of times. Perhaps Versace's saw "striking," bright nike blazers cheap spots on the back, makes the card finally has a home. Sport tops feel free to roll up cuffs and rich portrait of Hollywood color Doodle pants enough eyeballs. This exaggerated style interpretation, Gaga always NO1.

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