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Nike Air Jordan LeBron James and their otherworldly physical attributes. UUBGRBD

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 Nike Air Jordan
The Aussie’s love Australian wines and so it’s not at all surprising that their national airline thought to install a high-end wine vending machine within the Business Class Lounge in Sydney Airport, dispensing both sips and full pours of high-end Australian red and white wines.

The catch for this grape loving vending machine, is you pay with airline miles. Thirsty travelers can swipe their frequent flier membership cards, and then select their pour and wine choice. A taste of the Margaret River Icon will set you back 800 points, while a half-pour of the infamous Penfold’s Grange will set you back 6,500 points. In real terms, that bottle would probably cost you over $500.

Currently in operation at the Sydney Airport’s Qantas Business Class Lounge, the airline will definitely be rolling it out to other lounges across the country if it proves to be successful. We’d totally hit this up for a sip or three while waiting around for our flight, wouldn’t you?

Shoe Bag China

Always known as a unique design, steps up its conspicuous-game this weekend with a , three colorways of the neo-classic hoops model inspired by Kevin Durant, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James and their otherworldly physical attributes.

Today we take another look at all three, so let’s start off with the Nike Zoom Hyperflight X-ray. Modeled after Kobe Bryant’s game — more specifically, his unparalleledawareness and court vision — the shoe dons green-and-black x-ray imagery on the singular glossy upper, with solid green on the side-piecing and black through the inner-lining and tongue.

The Nike Zoom Hyperflight X-ray release date is slated for Friday, March 29th, with retail set for $150.

Nike Zoom Hyperflight PRM
Black/Poison Green
Style #: 587561-001
29 March 2013

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