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In this new Buy fifa coins? area

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In this new Buy fifa coins area, you'll get your Fifa 14 Coins  first taste of combat as a group of black, shadowlike insects known as the heartless, which emerge from the ground. After drawing his recently acquired blade, Sora is ready to attack. Combat in Kingdom Hearts--which at this point in the game is in real time as opposed to the traditional Square turn-based style--is quite similar to the combat system in the Nintendo 64 Zelda games. You can decide to fight freely and simply engage enemies based on the direction you're facing or choose to lock onto a single opponent via the R1 button on the PlayStation 2 controller. Sora can use his sword by simply pressing the circle button--pressing it repeatedly will cause him to launch in a combination of four or five strikes. He also has an air strike, which can also be turned into a combination if timed properly

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