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Declare the steel steel mill"jaw type crusher

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recently, declare steel steel mill officers and workers"a kind of jaw type crusher super - carries protection apparatus" of independence development is acquired practical new patent by the national intelligent property right bureau patent authorization.

is declaring that the steel steel mill 1,000,000 tons steel dirt Ci is choosing a steel dirt Ci to choose production Sandstone Quarrying And Processing  , jaw type crusher often because of go into don't all anticipate or broken up get into inside the chamber the hardest ferromolybdenum mass waits to fall in pieces a thing but appear to overload damages, original of lead carry to protect measure reliability worse, lead carry behind need to shut down a disposal, effect connect to produce as usual, check and supervision wear the exaltation of work efficiency.Point in issue be improvement order, improvement order is an efficiency spot, the plant's officers and workers passes the spot analysis with careful research Cone Crusher  , the independence develops "a kind of jaw type crusher super - carries protection to equip" national practical new patent.The apparatus passes hydraulic pressure system the member carry out the jaw type crusher regular work, lead carry protection, removal accident, auto restore etc. several functions, solved a steel dirt the Ci choose process in because the equipments super - carries protection to result in the hard nut to crack of producing the interruption, raised the work efficiency of equipments Cone Crusher Supplier  , economized to produce time.According to understand, the patent's implementation, not only satisfied a safety efficiently of production request, at the same time annually also can create the economic efficiency of more than 10000 dollarses 70.

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