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Mountain in Shanghai two beautiful

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August 13, mountain two beautiful PP series tire type removal broken up the station has been checked goods, company's check and paid customs duties etc. link and successfully send to Russia Mobile Crusher Supplier  , this is after July 27 mountain two beautiful 100 ts/hs removal broken up machine(from PP900 removal the jaw type fall in pieces station and PP239 HCS travel to counter-attack a type broken up station composition) send to Namibia, a month inside again step on an oversea market.

July 4, the Russian customer once came to mountain beautiful company the factory area checked goods and cautiously checked the tire removal E type to fall in pieces station and tire to travel cone to fall in pieces a station Artificial Sand Making Machine  , and made to the product function all-directions test, to test process and all meant a satisfaction as a result.Investigation later on, customer to mountain beautiful company the careful work attitude and good product mass stick out thumb and mean to hope to reach to cooperate over a long period of time.

in recent years, equip a manufactural industrial upgrading along with China, the product of China has already occupied a place in the global market by his/her outstanding function, Gao Xing Jia Bi.

mountain the beautiful company tightly hold tight to deveolp of the beneficial opportune moment , while making stronger a local market, continuously expand and make stronger an international market, will have the jaw type crusherPozzolana Cement Production Line  , the cone type crusher, backstroke type crusher and sign type impact crusher(make sand machine) and removal type of advantage position in the domestic broken up the machine etc.& ldquo;Is medium virtuous joint venture”The product successfully transports to an international market and creates“The mountain is beautiful”The influence of brand.

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