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Medium the material nations draw up

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Medium the material nations draw up EUR 104,000,000 to procure the German well-known crusher production business enterprise HAZEMEM

round-the-world crusher net Xun:September 3, 2013 announces, in China material international engineering incorporated company and Schmidt Germany, Kranz& Co. The nkterHaftung of Gesellschaftmitbeschr signed ??the ownership of a share procures agreement ?· Zircon Sand Making Machine  , according to the agreement, the company draws up to procure to combine capital increase acquisition HAZEMEM& EPR GmbH in Germany 59.09% ownership of a shares that SK holds by the price of EUR 104,000,000(match about CNY 848,000,000 dollars).

the depth read:

ever since that time Anne virtuous Doctor Lu establishes Germany to admire in 1946 the mark company(HAZEMEM) erupt clear in the world the first backstroke type crusher, HAZEMEM has already deveolped to become up to the present world leading the way of crusher design and control technique realm sheep.More than 60 in the last yearses, HAZEMEM has been already produced and sells more than 70,000 crushers within the scope of the whole world and solves a cement Stone Quarrying Process Line  , bone to anticipate, the mineral process, recall and other industrial realms exist of broken up and many production craft problem.Admire the mark company has the building garbage that the world leads to treat a technique.

HAZEMEM is that one is old-brand broken up Germany, the powder grinds and dries equipments manufacturer, it is contriver Anne virtuous Doctor Lu whom the horizontal axis counter-attacks a type crusher to initiate a person, always is technique delivery in the world square, expanded to also make certain progress in China market, in 2012 it the year sales income is about EUR 134,000,000, the net profit is smooth to still keep having good investment value for EUR 7,676,200, this procuring though the PE being worth up to 22.900%, winning the material being international to is a well-known stem method cement in world and produce a company, passing and controling an upper stream equipments business enterprise, being of great benefit towards promoting company core competencies, both parties at world integration advantage in the scope projecting Iron Ore Crusher Price  , whole ascending.

November 25, 2010, Germany admires mark company and domestic leading of broken up the screening equipments mountain in Shanghai of manufacturer is beautiful heavy type the mineral mountain machinery limited company sign joint venture agreement, hold hands in R.O.C to establish mountain is beautiful in the virtuous joint venture-Shanghai heavy type the mineral mountain machinery limited company.

according to know, in China material international engineering incorporated company the main business involves cement engineering to always contract for, the cement engineering construction, cement engineering design and material business.The equiping a business subsidiary among them is a material the material is in China group limited company.Rely on a strong research development platen, develop development and store mass of have the material, environmental protection equipments of the material, economy energy of the cement profession of international level and automate a control material technique, formed the 1000-10000 ts/d class equipments kit series.The all professional equipments that the product almost covered new stem method cement to produce includes a large turn-over kiln, tube to grind the machine, preheater and Bi air - cooling machine, crusher and ball to grind machine, accept a dust equipments, choose powder machine, promotes a machine, heap to take to anticipate machine...etc..Currently, the company turns an operation through an industry and formed with medium sky official science and technology group and the material in Tangshan heavy type machinery limited company is main of material production matrix, the year supplies ability to attain 300,000 tons and has already become the local cement material group leader business enterprise, and gradually Be ascended to the row or column of international well-known cement equipments supplier.

this time profession crusher that pass to procure an international cement material well-known business enterprise HAZEMEM Germany, will equip to make business to promote a whole competition ability to provide an emollient guarantee for its crusher.

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